Bunion Relief Toe Separators Set - With 2 Bunion Correctors and 2 Toe Spacers - Realigns the Toes to Alleviate Pain Associated with Hallux Valgus or Bunions

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Hallux valgus or a bunion is more than just an unsightly problem--it's also a real pain bunions can lead to many types of discomfort. The side of the bunion can rub against your shoe until it becomes raw and tender. The improper alignment of your toes can lead to cramps, stiffness and aching feet. Plus, your big toe can rub against your middle toe, giving you blisters, corns and calluses to contend with. You can have surgery to correct a bunion, but the procedure poses a high risk for complications and can leave you off your feet for weeks. Fortunately, there is a much simpler, noninvasive way to get real bunion relief--the Natuerlabs bunion relief toe spacers set is the answer. This toe separators set gives you 2 different forms of bunion relief in 1 package. You'll get: - 2 bunion corrector pads that serve as a shield or protective covering for bunions to prevent rubbing while straightening the toe to ease pressure - 2 toe separators that keep the big and second toes apart to prevent rubbing all four of the pieces in the set are made from a high quality, medical grade silicone. While durable enough to be reused again and again, this material gives the bunion corrector pads and toe separators enough flexibility to allow them to mold to your feet and compress to fit inside of your shoes. As a result, the bunion toe spacers feel amazing whether you're wearing footwear or in shoes. You can even sleep with them on at night this bunion relief toe separators set was engineered to give you relief from all types of bunion pain. Say goodbye to the aches, pains, tenderness and irritation that bunions can cause. Get real bunion relief the simple, yet effective way with the best set of big toe separators and bunion corrector pads on amazon.

Product Features

DOUBLE THE BUNION RELIEF This set includes two different types of pain relief solutions for hallux valgus, giving you the perfect solution to make every step pain free. 2 bunion relief for big toes and 2 toe spreaders. PROTECT & REALIGN Pair of bunion corrector pieces cover bunions to prevent rubbing inside of your shoes while straightening the big toe to reduce strain on the foot. This toe separators made from high quality silicone and it's stretchable so it will fit most feet SAY GOODBYE TO CORNS & CALLUSES Pair of toe spacers for the second toes are included to keep the toes spread and prevent rubbing that causes skin irritation. Great for pain in big toe joint, as big toe protector, bunion corrector or treatment after bunion surgery. DISCREET & COMFORTABLE Hygienic flexible soft gel conforms perfectly to your feet for maximum comfort and to fit easily into virtually all types of shoes SATISFACTION GUARANTEE If you don't get bunion relief from this toe separations and bunion protector set within 30 days, we'll refund your money

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