LENA Menstrual Cup - Made in California - Premium Medical-Grade Silicone - Alternative to Pads, Tampons and Period Panties - Ideal for Teenagers and Adult Women: Small and Large Sizes

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Manufacturer Description

LENA Menstrual Cup (Your LENA cup comes with a 100% cotton storage bag and an instructional booklet). Most women can wear either LENA cup and choose a size primarily based on flow amount, cervix height and general physique. LENA Small is perfect for first-time cup users, teenagers and women with a Normal flow. LENA Large is ideal for women with a Heavy flow. With proper care the same LENA cup can be reused for years. Buy the Original - you will find our logo embossed on the inside rim of every LENA cup. US Design Patent D746,452 HEALTHY ~ CONSCIOUS ~ BPA-FREE ~ LATEX-FREE ~ USA-MADE ~ FDA-REGISTERED ~ 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

Product Features

BE HEALTHY. LENA is a reusable menstrual cup that collects rather than absorbs your monthly blood flow. Chemical-laden tampons absorb both your blood and your natural vaginal moisture resulting in period dryness and itchiness - LENA allows your natural fluids to retain their normal flow and only collects your blood so you can stay naturally moist and comfortable throughout your period. Unlike tampons, menstrual cups have never been known to cause TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome). STAY ACTIVE, FREE, AND COMFORTABLE. Dance, run, swim, ride a bike, and use your cup overnight. LENA is ideal for menstruating women of all ages, body shapes and experience level and offers complete, comfortable, itch and odor-free protection throughout the day and night. You can safely wear your LENA cup for up to 12 consecutive hours before having to empty it. Our cup's high collection capacity allows for you to live in the moment and to the fullest without worrying about your period. ENGINEERED FOR PERFECTION. LENA is made in California from 100% US medical-grade silicone and dyes, developed to be the most comfortable, efficient and ergonomic cup on the market. The soft silicone and unique design deliver an irritation-free experience offering complete protection and comfort. While wearing LENA, you will not feel any sensation from the cup or the stem. CHOOSE ECO-CONSCIOUS. Every year 20 billion pads, tampons, applicators and their packaging end up in American landfills. Choose a reusable product that will improve your own health while saving our planet from unnecessary waste. All LENA packaging is 100% recycled, FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council ) certified, and printed using vegetable inks. With proper care the same LENA cup can last you for many years. SAVE MONEY & TIME. You can forget about the countless emergency trips to the store and spending money on disposable products - which cost you over $4,000 in your menstruating lifetime! With proper care a single LENA will last you for many years.

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