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-Instantly address foot pain and back pain! Do your feet need a break? If so, you came to the right place. -UPDATED JULY 2017- now each pack comes with 2 thicknesses. 4 pairs are 3/8" thick and 3 pairs are 1/4" thick. -These pads are designed to give custom support behind your Metatarsal bones and give you the comfort you need. We made this custom variety package so you can have a set for each pair of shoes you own. Try the felt and gel pads to see which one you like, try the two different thicknesses to see which thickness your feet need-all come in one pack. -Our pressure reducing foot pads can give relief to: Morton's Neuroma Back pain Corns Healing Fractures Post Foot Surgery Broken Metatarals Calluses Metatarsalgia Sesamoiditis Blisters caused by pressure -Ideal for: Hikers Walkers Runners Bikers If you have any questions or concerns please contact us through Amazon and we'll be more than happy to help you out.

Product Features

MORE COMFORT - These Metatarsal Pads are designed to relieve pain on the foot by giving added support right behind the Metatarsal bones (also known as ball of foot). THESE ARE NOT FOREFOOT PADS. If placed on the pad of the foot, pads will feel uncomfortable. LASTS LONGER - While some pads will wear out after some light use, our Metatarsal Pads are made with more pad allowing for more comfort and use out of each pad. Note ONE TIME PLACEMENT IS BEST: If the sole is very porous or textured the best way to secure the pad is to find the ideal location on the sole with the film still attached to the bottom of the pad-moving it around until it feels right. Note the exact location then remove the film and place the pad there. A SET FOR EACH SHOE - We put together a 7 pair pack with a variety of different pad types. This allows you to have a pad for each foot and test out different types of pads to find the one that works best for your foot. In each package you will find four felt pairs and three gel pairs. NOT FOREFOOT PADS! Unlike forefoot/ball of foot pads that go under the ball of your foot, these are Metatarsal Pads and go directly behind the ball of your foot. Wrong placement will feel uncomfortable. Our listing has a picture to help you find the right placement. You will also find these to be thicker than ball of foot pads. The added thickness gives support to your Metatarsal bones. SATISFACTION-We love our customers! Let us know if you have any questions by contacting us through Amazon. NOTE - Pads may shift in package in transit! This is normal and they are made to handle some movement while shipping. If you have any questions just contact us through Amazon or through email. We want you to love your Metatarsal pads!

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